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Thankyou so much Frank for your help. We purchased a three-seater sofabed for our flat in June 2011 and then having struggled with it through the front door to the entrance to our bedroom late on Friday night (taking a few chunks out of the wall in doing so...) found to our horror that it was simply too big to get into the room. The following day we found Frank's details via gumtree and spoke to him about our predicament - after sending him a photo via mobile phone he said he could come round later that day and said he would guarantee to get it into the room. He duly arrived and did a quick run-through of all potential options (his understanding of space is amazing!). The sofabed base was quickly dismantled (taking out the weight) before he carefully wrapped the sofabed in plastic and protective padding. He then got it out through our first bedroom window into the garden and having carefully removed the second bedroom window got it into the room with relative ease. The plastic covering was then removed and the sofabed put back together again - including the legs, before he put the window back undamaged. All done in about 90 minutes with great care and attention to detail. Thankyou again Frank - you are a genius!! Highly recommended!

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If you just can't work out how your sofa is ever going to fit through your small entrance, don't panic, Sofa Assist will deal with everything for you.

From the initial contact right through to you relaxing on your sofa in the room with the 'impossible' access route.

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Having problems getting your sofa in to your house? Sounds like an odd question but here at Sofa Assist we get calls from people everyday struggling to do just that. Couch, Sofa or Settee – whatever you call it the solution to your problem is always going to be to call Sofa Assist!