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I called to make an enquiry, and Frank talked me through options and asked me to send him pics of our sofa. He went over these and called me back, telling me that he was happy to come out and do it for me, but that it was a fairly simple job so maybe he could talk me through how to do it myself. He took his time describing to me how to do it, free of charge, and sure enough, he was right, and I managed to dismantle and reassemble the sofa myself! I'd have been happy to just pay him to come out, so what a star for talking me through it for free. My wife was well impressed too! Thanks Frank :)

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SofaAssist is here to help with all your sofa requirements.

  • Specialist sofa hoist/winch
  • Sofa Dismantling & re-assembly.
  • Sofa stuck? We can help.
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If you just can't work out how your sofa is ever going to fit through your small entrance, don't panic, Sofa Assist will deal with everything for you.

From the initial contact right through to you relaxing on your sofa in the room with the 'impossible' access route.

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If you have any queries or question about your sofa access issues please do not hesitate to call us.

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Sofa Hoisting and Disassembling Experts.

Having problems getting your sofa in to your house? Sounds like an odd question but here at Sofa Assist we get calls from people everyday struggling to do just that. Couch, Sofa or Settee – whatever you call it the solution to your problem is always going to be to call Sofa Assist!