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Sofa Hoisting and Disassembling Experts.

Having problems getting your sofa in to your house? Sounds like an odd question but here at Sofa Assist we get calls from people everyday struggling to do just that. Couch, Sofa or Settee – whatever you call it the solution to your problem is always going to be to call Sofa Assist!

Sofa Hoist: Furniture lifts to an upper window

We know after waiting up to twelve weeks or more for your sofa the last thing you want is to have it arrive only to find it’s too big and won’t fit through your door…

Don’t despair, Sofa Assist has a solution to get your sofa in to your property. If you are left scratching your head or trying to defy the laws of physics to get your large sofa in through your small doorway then why not give our team a call here at Sofa Assist. With our wealth of knowledge and years of experience we will have you sat with a cuppa on your lovely sofa in your front room before you know it.

With our specialist sofa hoist and furniture lifts we can winch your settee up to the lofty heights needed to access a high-level window of balcony using our furniture hoist. Once the sofa has been lifted up with our furniture hoist, our team will carefully bring your settee into your home.

Take a look at the video to see our sofa hoist/winch in action.

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Sofa hoist/winching in London

Sofa Stuck? We can dismatle your sofa and get it in

Some examples of the questions we are asked each day:

  • We have bought a new sofa for our living room but it was only when it was delivered that we realised it won’t fit through the front door. Is there any other way to get the sofa in to the living room?
  • Help, we tried to get our sofa in to our front room but the sofa is now stuck in the hallway and won’t budge. Can you help?
  • We have just moved to a town house and our sofa is too big to fit up the stairs to the living area. We have balcony doors on the first floor, could it be brought in through that?
  • We live in a flat and need to get our new sofa inside but the access is only a very tight stairway so it won’t fit round the corners. We have very large windows and it would fit through them but we live on the 4th floor. Is there any way it could be lifted up and through the window?We have moved house and none of our windows or doors in our new home are big enough to fit our settee through them. We only bought our sofa a few weeks ago and desperately want to keep it, is there anyway to get it in to our home?

The answer to all these questions was YES. Here at Sofa Assist we specialise in getting your sofa in to your property by using our years of experience and specialist knowledge.

Sofa stuck in stairs? Settee stuck in hallway?

We can use our specialist hoisting and furniture lifting machinery to hoist your sofa up and through a window or balcony etc. When hoisting the sofa up and through an upper floor opening isn’t an option, our qualified and extensively experienced upholsterers can carefully dismantle your sofa/settee and reassemble it in its new home without any sign of it ever being taken apart.

“We are experts at getting your sofa/couch in to your home. We can hoist the sofa in through an upper larger window or even simply disassemble the sofa and assemble it perfectly in the room it’s meant to be in.”

Contact Sofa Assist today for advice on how we can help you with your sofa conundrums! Or if you are ready to go why not request a quote it’s quick and simple and won’t cost you a penny.

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Sofa stuck in hallway or door