Help, we tried to get our sofa in to our front room but the sofa is now stuck in the hallway and won’t budge. Can you help?

Don’t panic, call Sofa Assist and let us deal with it for you. We can dismantle your sofa to release it, move it to the correct room and reassemble it in perfect condition. For more information on getting your stuck…

We think our sofa will need to be dismantled to get it in to our home. Will you be able to tell the sofa has been taken apart?

No! Not when your sofa has been dismantled and reassembled by a professional team of craftsmen like the team at Sofa Assist. Our specialist upholsterers have years of experience with sofa disassembly and reassembly. If we take your sofa apart…

We live in a flat and need to get our new sofa inside but the access is only a very tight stairway so it won’t fit round the corners. We have very large windows and it would fit through them but we live on the 4th floor. Is there any way it could be lifted up and through the window?

Of course. With Sofa Assists specialist hoisting equipment, we can hoist your sofa up and through your large windows on the upper floor. Sofa Assist have years of experience and our qualified staff will assess the access route to your…

We have just moved to a town house and our sofa is too big to fit up the stairs to the living area. We have balcony doors on the first floor, could it be brought in through that?

No Problem! We can simply hoist your sofa up and in through a window or a balcony door on an upper floor. If the sofa is too big to fit through the upper floor windows, Sofa Assist can disassemble your…

How can I move my sofa/settee in to my flat/apartment on the 3rd floor?

Moving even the smaller sofa / settee up 3 flights of stairs can cause all sorts of issues. Turning around tight corners, lifting that weight above rails, and squeezing through doors are just some of the simple things you may…

My sofa/settee is too big to fit through my door – what can I do?

This problem is more common than you would think. It’s so easily done, you see the perfect sofa to match your room dimensions and decor and think great lets order it. Weeks down the line your beautiful sofa arrives at…

I’ve looked everywhere to find out “How to get my sofa in the house/Basement.”

This is a problem we came across and solve daily.

We’ve moved to a town house and our sofa is too big to fit up the stairs. We have balcony doors on the first floor, could it be lifted over that?


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