How can I move my sofa/settee in to my flat/apartment on the 3rd floor?

Moving even the smaller sofa / settee up 3 flights of stairs can cause all sorts of issues. Turning around tight corners, lifting that weight above rails, and squeezing through doors are just some of the simple things you may encounter. Not to mention some people may not have enough ‘man power’ available at the time of moving your sofa in to your flat. So put together all those issue with a very large sofa at you could be left with your sofa on the grass verge outside….. But our team here at Sofa Assist are here to help. solve your sofa dilemmas. We have lots of options available to enable us to move your large or small sofa in to your flat. We have specialised hoists which allow us to lift your sofa up and in to your flat through a window. If that option won’t work we can disassemble your sofa, move it in to your flat in more manageable pieces then reassemble it in place. With our team of qualified upholsterers you would never know your sofa had been taken apart as with our extensive experience your sofa will be in your home as perfect as ever. For more information or advice on moving your sofa / settee in to your flat or home contact our friendly team here at Sofa Assist who will be happy to help.

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