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Handling sofa’s TOO BIG to fit through doors and up staircases is only one of the many services we specialise in at Sofa Assist. We offer many services – covering getting large sofas in to homes to sofa repair and maintenance on your much loved furniture to prolong it’s life.

Sofa Assist is here to help with all your sofa requirements.

  • Specialist sofa hoist/winch
  • Sofa Dismantling & re-assembly
  • Sofa stuck? We can help.

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30 years experience

Sofa Assist has over 30 years of experience working with sofas and furniture and we only employ expertly qualified upholsterers and team members to ensure only the very best service for our customers. We pride ourselves on our high standard of workmanship which is required when disassembling and reassembling your sofa and to get it through small doors and hallways. You would never know your sofa had ever been taken apart to get it in to your house.

Here at Sofa Assist we can offer many options to allow us to get your large sofa in through your small doors or when your sofa has got stuck in your hallway. We can take your sofa apart, Break Down your sofa, Dismantle your sofa and so on. We don’t always need to dismantle your sofa to get it in to your property – we also have specialist hoisting equipment that allows us to safely hoist your sofa up and in through a large upstairs window or balcony door etc. Sofa Assist can also offer assembling and disassembling services for your: Sofa, Sofa Bed, Sleeper, Couch, Love Seat, Chairs, Ottoman, Sectional, Chaise, Murphy Bed, Daybed, Wall Unit, Entertainment Centres, Armoire, Bed, Office Furniture (partition, cubicles, desks)…


Moving Company

Sofa Assist is a professional furniture service company that offers many different services including – repairs, furniture restoration, estimates, adjustments, reports, inspections, cleaning, etc. In some cases we can determine even the age of the damaged area on the furniture in question if they were previously repaired, if there were any recalls or manufactory defects on the claimed damaged items. We can also provide weight and pictures, if needed.

Sofa Stuck?

We can dismantle your sofa and get it in

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