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If you just can’t work out how your sofa is ever going to fit through you small entrance, don’t panic, Sofa Assist will deal with everything for you. From the initial contact right through to you relaxing on your sofa in the room with the ‘impossible’ access route.

We have the skills and methods required to get your sofa in to your property via dismantling and/or using alternative routes eg: window, balcony, staircases (techniques), etc.

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Qualified and experienced

Our qualified and experienced upholsters can dismantle your sofa to deliver it then reassemble as new in your home. We always choose the safest route to your desired room with a high success rate. We take the time to assess every job we are called to attend, taking on board all access options, the weight of the sofa, the dimensions of all routes to the desired room, the dimensions of the sofa and generally look in to all aspects that might affect the smooth flow of us getting your sofa in to place. So you can rest assured your home and sofa are in safe hands. We will get your sofa in to your home even when the smallest doors seem to be the only route in. Here at Sofa Assist we pride ourselves on using our hard earned knowledge and skills to ensure your sofa is moved into its new room with least amount of fuss.

On top of our sofa delivery service we offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Sofa Assist can disassemble, move it in to your property in smaller more manageable pieces then reassemble your sofa perfectly in place. For piece of mind all work carried out by Sofa Assist is fully insured.

Sofa Assist

Offer Specialist Services

When the sofa is TOO BIG to fit through doors and hallways Tried & tested alternative access routes Disassemble & Reassemble your sofa in place Hoist up to 20 metres – we can hoist your sofa up and through upper access points Access via windows/balconies – your sofa can be brought in to your property by different access points Sofa Assist can currently offer our services in the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Bedford, Bedfordshire Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent.

If you aren’t sure if Sofa Assist offers our services in your area please do not hesitate to Contact Us for further information and advice on your sofa delivery issue.

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