Help, we tried to get our sofa in to our front room but the sofa is now stuck in the hallway and won’t budge. Can you help?

Don’t panic, call Sofa Assist and let us deal with it for you. We can dismantle your sofa to release it, move it to the correct room and reassemble it in perfect condition. For more information on getting your stuck sofa free contact Sofa Assist today.

Here at Sofa Assist we recognise that sofas are usually the most cumbersome and awkward item of furniture to move. You have narrow doorways, awkward angles and difficult sofa frames all battling against you.

Of course Sofa’s are some of the most soft pieces of furniture we have, and as such you may be able to just squeeze it through the small opening.

Our specialists can help you find a solution to getting that sofa through a narrow doorway, but first, let’s look at some things you may try.

Get the Sizing Sorted

Measure your sofa by height width and length and measure the doorway’s height and width too. Obvious right? But don’t forget to measure the hallways and spaces you have to work with between room to outside. Once you have all these measurements you will need to check the deepest part of the sofa against the narrowest part of the doorway. This will tell you how much wiggling you’re going to have to do.

Top Tip: the height is usually shorter than the depth of the sofa, so a 90% rotation may help get your sofa through a small doorway.

Once you are aware of the sizing, you can play around with angles to see how to get the sofa through the door, remember to allow for the space on the other side of the door too. It’s all very well getting the sofa through the door, but don’t forget about getting it out through the front door via what ever means, such as staircases.

Don’t forget to take into account all the obstacles along the way from where your sofa is to where it has to go, including things like radiators. These things can all cause problems if you haven’t planned ahead.

Still having trouble? A professional removal team will get it sorted for you.

Time to Start Taking Things Apart?

If the sofa won’t fit through the door as is, you could try removing the door and possibly the door frame. This will give you possibly enough room to get that sofa to fit through the narrow doorway.

Still can’t fit the sofa through the small doorway? It may be time to look at dismantling the sofa itself. A lot of sofas have removable parts, such as legs, which make it easier to fit through that narrow doorway. Just those few inches can really make a difference.

However if there are no obvious removable parts to your sofa, consider getting in touch with a professional as they will be able to safely disassemble your sofa and then reconstruct it in the new place.

Another option could be to use a window for removal of your sofa. This may require removing the window to get the sofa out, and we would strongly advise you get professional help to do this.


Protect your sofa from damage during transport. Bubble wrap any features such as wooden legs and plastic wrap the fabric.

If in doubt, call the experts out. Here at Sofa Assist, we will do all the hard work and thinking for you to get your sofa out of your old place and into your new with the least amount of hassle to you.

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