My sofa/settee is too big to fit through my door – what can I do?

This problem is more common than you would think. It’s so easily done, you see the perfect sofa to match your room dimensions and decor and think great lets order it. Weeks down the line your beautiful sofa arrives at your door only to find the sofa is too big for your narrow doorway front or back!! Don’t despair, Sofa Assist is here to help. We can assess your sofa, your property and general layout of the access route to the room your sofa needs to be and deliver you with a solution.

Here at Sofa Assist we specialise in moving large sofas into homes and properties where there is a narrow doorway or access is an issue. If you think your sofa is too big for your door there are other avenues, your windows are another option, we have specialist equipment to hoist your sofa in through an upstairs window. This is also a good option for people living in flats as moving large sofa’s up tight stair ways is a common problem. When moving the sofa in to a building in one piece just can’t be done, Sofa Assist can disassemble your sofa and reassemble it perfectly in place. Our qualified and extensively experienced upholsterers put your sofa back together without anyone ever being able to tell it was taken apart.

So in short, we can move your sofa in to your property or home for you when your sofa is too big for your small doorways.. For more information and advice contact our friendly team today.

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