Can you help with getting my sofa over my Balcony?

Hoisting a sofa can be a dangerous task, unless you are equipped with a specialist hoist. Not only could the sofa come crashing down and injure someone if you try to hoist it over a balcony yourself, it could also cause a lot of damage to the property and other furnishings. We would always recommend letting a professional mover with a specialist sofa hoist and training do this risky manoeuvre.

So how do we do it here at Sofa Assist? We have a specialist hoist for each eventuality. We have been doing this for many years and we know what is required to get your sofa into your property. We can even dismantle the sofa and expertly re-build it inside your property if required.

Our furniture hoist is a specialist motorised hoist that is carefully mounted and all furniture is safely secured to the hoist by our experts. We then deliberately manoeuvre the heavy sofa (or any item of furniture that is too big to carry up stairs) winching it to what ever height is required and our skilled team will gently place the item in situ using the hoist to avoid any injury or damage.

If you wish to attempt this yourself, here are some tips.

Protect the Furniture

First of all ensure that your furniture is fully wrapped with pads and shrink wrap. Properly wrapping your sofa will prevent damage to it from things like the straps or if it rubs against a wall or railing. We would recommend using plenty of pads and taping them in place before securing with shrink wrap.

The Hoist

You will need some sort of motorised hoist to lift furniture over a balcony. The first thing you will need to do is find a spot that has the least amount of obstacles where you can secure the hoist. The deck on a balcony sticks out from the house, so it makes an ideal spot.

If you have hired a hoist, make sure that the company you have hired it from set it up for you. There are vehicle mounted hoists and ground mounted ones. You will want to ensure that it is properly and safely put together and placed in the optimum position.

Hoist the Sofa Over the Balcony

Follow the instructions for operating the hoist carefully. Check that the sofa is firmly secured to the hoist before beginning to lift it.

Using the machine arm, guide the sofa along the track and begin to winch the sofa up and over the balcony. Once it is at the correct level, you can begin to move it inside and this can be done by hand. Make sure you do not detach the sofa from the hoist until it is safely on the ground.

In Conclusion

Hoisting furniture over a balcony should really be left to professional movers. Here at Sofa Assist we would hate to see you breaking a window, or worse, in your new residence before you have even moved in.

We have specialist motorised hoists that can get your furniture over your balcony quickly and safely with no damage to the sofa, the people or the property. Why take the risk when you could be sat enjoying a cuppa on your sofa in a fraction of the time.

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